The Reality


20 million people

are in need of

mobility assistance

in Africa

110 million

land mines

still exist today


40 million people

have lost limbs

due to land mines

in Cambodia

To give the gift of mobility to those who don’t have the resources to perform one of the most basic human needs…mobility.

The Purpose

No Mobility Makes Everyday Living Challenging

The Need


If you cannot move, you are limited to what you can carry. No mobility, No water.


Even basic tasks like going to the bathroom, someone has to carry you outside, then back in.


No school is available to you, spend your days out in the streets trying to fend for yourself.


For many, this is the only way to survive, you are often treated as unclean.


If you are lucky enough to have a wheel chair, there are almost no wheelchair ramps and sidewalks are often jammed with items for sale. Movement is impossible.


"Traveling the World you learn not to take for granted the basic necessities such as Life and Mobility.  I wanted to create a vehicle to share mobility across the Globe."

-David Osmond (COO, MIllennial Medical)

"To see where you want to go and not be able to get there, that is the everyday challenge for people with mobility issues."

- David Talbot (Founder, Crutches4Africa)